Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Population And Economy In India

Can you believe that there are countries have more than one billion people? Do you think these countries that have more than one billion people can have successful economies? What are the factors that help the government to make their economy successful? India is one the countries which have more than one billion people. The population in India today is 1.3 billion (CIA, 2007). In addition, According to the Mayfiled website “The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, with GDP growth touching 9.3% last year. Simultaneously, India is experiencing exponential domestic growth for retail products and services due to the burgeoning middle class, which consists of 300 million consumers” (n.d, para. 2). However, the Indian economy should be very good because the high population is a resource for any successful economy. In fact, the government should use the population to improve their economy in several ways; the government should change their way in education, they should increase the income of the Indians, and they should allow foreign investors to invest in India.

According to “What is population”, “Population is about people, and the dwellings, locations and environments that people live in. Population can be defined in many ways, for example by age, ethnicity, type of housing, birthplace or location” (2007, para. 1). Any country in the world wants to have a good number of populations because the population can help them to improve many things if they use it in the right way. The economy is one of these things that the population can improve you. According to “What is economy”, “Economics is the study of how people choose to use resources. Resources include the time and talent people have available, the land, buildings, equipment, and other tools on hand, and the knowledge of how to combine them to create useful products and services” (n.d., para. 1). However, Indian government has not able to get the advantages of their high population. So they are a lot of poor people in India and a lot of uneducated people. These have happened because the government did not make good decisions that could help their economy to be improved and successful.

First, the education is an important factor for any successful countries. In fact, any country that wants to be successful in any way they cannot be developed in few times, they should work hard with the future generation, who will be the holders for the country in the future, when they are young until they reach the working life. By teach them how they can be creators not to be destroyers. However, the government can improve the education by many ways. First, they should change the school materials to be more helpful to the students that can make them more active and create the determination that we can be better than they are now inside the student when he is young. Second, try to push the parents to let their sons to have high education and give them the facilities; for example, make the education free or decrease the education fees, and send the distinctness people outside to get good education. Unfortunately, in “Social Culture” the author tell us “India has almost an equal number of men and women and almost half of the women belong to the uneducated category” (n.d, para. 7) that means the education in India is not effective because the number of uneducated people is very high.

Second, any market in the world needs a lot of customers to consume its products. Furthermore, any market looks first for the local customers because the buyers can sells their products easily and cheaply in the local market than the international market, especially if the country has high population that means the chance to have consumers bigger than other countries. However, if the local people don’t have money enough to buy the products the buyers cannot get the advantages of the high population to sell their products in the local market, so they will move to the international market, which they can find consumers for their products. However, the government should increase the income for the Indian workers and create jobs that have good wage; because the Indian people will have money enough to use their market. Therefore, the Indian market will be successful because the competition will increase because the demands and supplies will increase either.

Third, any country needs to have foreign investors who can own business in the country; because the economy need to have experiences from out side; for example, in “USA Today” the author tell us “foreigners owned $2.2 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities out of a total of $4 trillion of privately held U.S. debt.” (2006, para. 1). In fact, the economy of U.S. is the most successful economy in the world. Furthermore, the government will get the a lot benefits from the foreign investors because they will add money to the economy, they will create a lot of jobs that could help the government to solute the unemployment problems. As result, the number of the unemployment people will decrease. And Indian people will find products more cheaply and locally. In fact, the Indian government should give the facilities to the foreign investors to invest in India.

There are a lot of Indian businessmen have businesses and work in abroad. In fact, the opponents believe that those people should not come to India because India already has over high population. And those people will increase the population. However, if those businessmen come back to India they will affect the country in positive ways because they have money out side the India and this money should be in India because Indian economy needs those people. In addition, when those businessmen inter the Indian market, they will inter with their money that mean the competition will increase. Also when invest in India; a lot of jobs will be created by these investments. Finally the government should try to attract the Indian businessmen to invest in their back home by give them the facility to invest, and they will not avoid that if they find the facilities and support from the Indian government, because any one loves to help his or her country as much as he or she can.

In conclusion, Indian has big chance to inter the MDC’s because of their high population. But they have to do some factors to improve their economy. First they should plan to have an educated generation in the future because that generation will be the leader of the Indian economy in the future. Second, increase the Indian earnings because the number of local consumer in the Indian market is limited, but when they have the good income they will be consumers in the Indian market immediately. Third, the Indian government should try to attract the foreign businessmen to invest in India because the competition will increase and a lot of jobs will be created by these investments. In fact, the economy is the most important inside the country that why any country try hard to find any factors that can help them to improve their country.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Indian Economy

Summary Response#2

In Zarina Fazaldin’s article “A Country Ready for Growth, Globalization”, she claims that India could be a global economic leader as a result of successful economic reform. The writer states that the Indian economy is growing at a rate of percent annually. In addition, more business people and corporations are investing in India, because of the government’s new open economic decision. Zarina claims that in order for a nation to be a global economic leader. Actually, the Indian government should organize the workforce to decrease the unemployment rate, decrease poverty, and improve the nation’s economy. The writer claims that India needs to fix some weaknesses. The weaknesses include poor infrastructure, political challenges, undeveloped rural areas, and a high level of poverty.

The government should use the population to improve the market, the industries and the exportation.

First, there are good opportunities to improve the market in the countries with the high population. In fact, one of the important things that make the market system is wherever a good competition between the buyers. And, the factor that encourages the competition is how many consumers there are. In addition this reason is an advantage for the countries that have high populations, because their populations will support these markets with their consumers and buyers.

Second, one of the important conditions to make any country’s industry is that the country should have a high population, because the country will need a lot of people to help them to make and operate the businesses there; for example, it needs engineers, businessmen and laborers. There is another example for a country, which has taken the advantage of their high population to improve their industrialization; it is the USA. Furthermore, if the country changes to an industrial country, it will help the unemployed people because it will make a lot of jobs for every level.

Third, if the country changes to an industrial country, they will provide a lot of products that they had imported from outside. And it will help the buyers, the consumers and the market system. In fact, it will help the buyers and the consumers by decreasing the cost of the products and it will get a lot of consumers. And it will help the market system by saving the money inside the country; for example, if the country has big number of population and import everything from outside, it has a big chance to stay away from imports from out side and save their money by building industries and making their own products. Furthermore, they can get rewards from these revelations by importing their products to other countries.

In conclusion, the country should take advantage of their high population by improving their economy, factories and production, because they have a good opportunity, which is the high population, to improve their country. However, the population could be good for the country if they work with it in a good way, but if they did not it is going to be very big problem for the country.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Population in India

Summary Response. #1

According to the author in "Reduce social and economic strife through population control; By TIOL Edit Team" Shella Dikshit, the Delhi Chief Minister, says that people migrating from other states to Delhi consume the city resources. The author adds that if the government still divides the lands and the resources to the high level of Indians, this will cause a lot of problems, such as civil war. In fact, the decision makers have not gotten involved with these problems. However, if they search about these problems and what causes them, they will find all these problems are caused by population explosion. In fact, the population in India is increasing, and India will have the biggest number of population in the world. The author adds, if the government wants to solve these problems, they should control the population, because every infant they will take their resources. In addition, there is Prime Minister-headed National Commission on Population, which should be care about the population in India. However, they have not met for tow years and their website is not useful, because it has not been up dated more than two years ago. In conclusion, the author advises the government if they want to improve their economy they can use the population to improve it.

The government should use the population to improve the economy, the army and the sports games

First, the population could be good for the country's economy or bad. It is good for the economy when the government can use it to improve their industries and markets. In fact, if the country wants to be an industrial country, it has to have a big number of populations. This is because; the industries need to have a lot of laborers who don't cost much. In fact, it is easy to find those laborers in the countries that have a big population, because these countries have lack of vacancies. Then, the people will accept to work as libbers with low wages. For example, U.S.A has the best market in the word. In fact, they reach this position by make their country industrial country, and they have took advantage of their high population to make the U.S.A is industrial country. Finally, the countries, which have high population, have big chance to be successful industrial country.

Second, the army is one of the most important sectors in any country because the security in the country depends on power of the army. In addition, the army gets the power from number of solders, and number of weapon that the army has. In fact, the number or of the solders depends on the population. And the most powerful countries in the world have high population. For example, USA, China and Russia are from the most powerful countries in the world. Also they have very high population.

Finally, the population is very important reason to help the country to have powerful army can save its security.
Third, there are many kinds of sports in the world. And every country wants to be perfect in some of them. In fact, it is not easy to find athletics that can be professional in every kind of sports. However, the countries that have high population they are the leaders in many kind of sports game. For example, USA and China are the most country that wined in the Olympics games that mean they have professionals almost in every game. Now, sport is big issue in the world.

In conclusion, the population could be helping the government improve their economy system, save their security and make good teams in every kind of sports. Finally the population is one of the important reason to make the country is successful.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Small Family

Arguments Essay

Which kind family do you think is going to be more successful? In which family are the parents controlling their children more? What kind of family should the new parent have? There are a lot of kinds of families. There are big families, small families and families without children. Each of these families has some benefit and some disadvantages. The small family is successful because they have less spending money, good relationships and more private time for the parents.

First, the small families don’t have as much spending money as the big families, because they don’t have a lot of people in one family; for example, if there are two families, which have the same income, one of them is small and another family is big. If the small family, which has four people, wants to travel and they have to pay for just four people. However, the big family, which has ten people, should pay for more people than the small family. Furthermore, any family has some properties. These properties should be matching, how big the family is. In fact, if the family is small they don’t have to pay a lot for the properties. For example, the house is one of the important properties for the family. In fact, the small family has small house whose cost is low. As a result, when the family has a small number of people they will spend less money than the big family.

Second, each family has some differences in the relationship between its members; for example, in some families the parents are with their children for most of the day, but also there are families who don’t have any relationship between their members. These situations depend on the number of the families’ members. It is easy for the members of the small family to meet each other because they have a small house, and they are always near each other.

Third, the parent should have romantic time alone without their children. Therefore, the parents who have fewer than four children can have more private time than the parents who have a lot of children, because of some reasons. First, in the small family the parents can have a babysitter who can handle their children. However, the parents who have five children and more hard to find babysitter accepts to handle their children. Second reason, children of the small family have fewer problems than children of the big family. Therefore, the parents of the small family can find time without talking about their children's problems. However, all the conversations between the parents of the big family are about their children's problems.

My opponents believe that in the big family, which has more than five children, their children will help the parents in the future. When the parents reach the old age, they should have care from others. For example, some old people need help with eating, cleaning and care if they are sick. However, their opinion is not true, because the parents don’t have time to teach their children how the children should love their parent. In fact, the parents did not have time to be involved with their children when they were young, because it is hard to get involved with five children. Furthermore, the parents in the big family cannot spend enough time with their children, and that makes the relationship between the parent and the child stronger. Finally, the parents should show love to their children to get the benefits when they get old.

In conclusion, the parents should have a small family because they will spend less money, they will have good relationship with their children, and they can have more romantic time together. In fact, the small family can get a better life than the big family on the same income. Furthermore, the parents can have more time with their children in the small family than the big family. Finally, parents need to have private time without their children and the parent of the small family can more easily find this time than the parents of the big family.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bottom trawling


The topic of this paper is Bottom trawling. It claims that to stop the bottom trawling. There are three reasons for the argument. The first is the ocean will be damage, the second one is there are no limit fishing. The third reason is that the small fishers are affected by bottom trawling.

Can you imagine if the ocean floor will be flat? Can you believe the ocean will be like a swimming pool? Can you imagine the fishes in the see will disappear? If the fishers will continue to fishing by bottom trawling in the ocean floor all of the questions will happen. And the governments should stop the bottom trawling in the sees to protect the ocean floor, number of fishes, and small fishers.
In “Save deep sea life” state “Bottom trawling involves dragging huge, heavy nets along the sea floor. Large metal plates and rubber wheels attached to these nets move along the bottom and crush nearly everything in their path” (n.d., para.7). in fact the bottom trawling has a lot of bad causes according to Mittelstaedt (2006), ” Bottom trawling is considered one of the world's most destructive fishing practices, the deep-sea version of clear-cutting on land because it involves dragging weighted nets along the sea floor, scooping up marine life and destroying the habitat in its path. Sea bottoms are home to corals and sponges that provide vital habitat for juvenile fish, and many scientists say the trawling has to be curbed to maintain the long-term health of ocean fisheries.” (para. 6). The bottom trawling have been starting 10 century before, in “Sustainable Fisheries” the author tell us “In 12th century England, British fishermen petitioned against bottom trawling, then done under sail, because of the damage the nets did to fish and the ocean floor. Canadian and international trawlers (such as the U.S., Soviet Union, and Japan) began fishing the B.C. coast for groundfish in the 1940s, until the establishment of the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone in 1977 excluded foreign vessels. B.C. trawlers have operated under an Individual Vessel Quota “IVQ” system since 1997. The IVQ management system sets out a yearly Total Allowable Catch “TAC” for 28 groundfish species, and allows license holders to buy, sell, trade, and lease quota without restriction.” (n.d., para. 2). In addition there is a lot of government that made decision to stop the bottom trawling. According to Molloy (2006), “Fishery regulators banned bottom trawling in nearly 150,000 square miles (384,000 square kilometers) of federal waters off the West Coast” (para.1).
First, when the big ships are fishing in the ocean by using bottom trawling they are damage the ocean floor. In addition, this is harmful for the plants and stones that live in deep of the ocean. In consequence, a lot of fishes will die because these plants and stones are food for a lot of kind of fishes. Moreover, the ocean floor has created from millions of years ago in “Looking at the Sea” the author tell us ” the ocean floor seem to be more than about 200 million years old” (n.d., para. 7). In addition, they damage history has taken a lot of million years just in little time.
Second, there is another problem from bottom trawling which is unlimited fishing. In fact unlimited fishing is happened by two ways. First when they fishing by bottom trawling they cutch every kinds of fishes which they need or not, and some of these fishes that they don’t need are foods for another; as result, they make damage in natural sustainable because the fishes that eat the other kinds of fishes, which the people don’t need them, will not find food resources. Second, the fishers are using a huge net to cutch the fishes. However, this net could hold by the ocean floor, and it will kill a lot of fishes by hold the fishes in it, and they cannot get out of the net until they die. Finally, unlimited fishing helps to die out a lot of kinds of fishes because the fishers that die will be more than
Third, the bottom trawling has economic problem that affects the small fishers by two ways. First, when the big ships fishing by bottom trawling in some areas and they damage these areas. Then, these areas it will be die, which is no live can live there. As result, the small fishers, who were fishing in these areas, cannot fishing there any more, and they should find others place to fishing. In fact, when small fishers want to find others places to fishing, it will cost them a lot because they should search about good area to fishing and they will get a lot of fuels to operate their boats. Second, the companies that they use bottom trawling their fishes will be cheaper than small fishers’ fishes, because they fishing by huge number of fishes in less time than small fishers. In addition, the small fishers get a lot of time to find place to fishing.
However, the opponents argue that the market has a lot of demands for the fishes. Furthermore, the biggest fish companies should increase their fish supplies, and the best way to increase the number of fishes in the market is fishing by bottom trawling. However, this is not best solution because has a lot of consequences. First, when these companies fishing, they fishing without any limit for fishing. In fact, this kind of fishing will cause die out for some kind of fishes, and that will cause a lot of damage for the environment. Second, these companies will cause another problem, whish is damage any thing will be in the areas that they fishing in. Furthermore, the food resources will disappear and the fishes that were live there will find other places to live in.
In conclusion, the governments should stop fishing by bottom trawling because it effect the ocean floor, fishes lives, and the market economy.

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In his article, “Bering Sea bottom trawling banned”, he discusses a decision to ban the bottom trawling in 180,000 square miles of the northern Bering Sea. The decision made by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, which direct the federal government on fisheries in federal waters off Alaska. All members in the council voted for the decision, which regulates fishing on the Bering Sea. Public greeted the decision; especially representatives of conservation groups and Alaska’s fishing industry because the decision has options they asked for. The writer goes on to mention opinions of some interested people, who greeted the decision. Now, in order to catch groundfish species, fisheries have to put their nets on about 150,000 square miles (less than a half) of the Bering Sea. In addition, fisheries have one year period to technically modify their vessels to reduce effects in the seafloor. Based on David Benton, who runs an organization that represents 80 percent of the fisheries and processors operating in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, one year period is an enough time. Moreover, the decision includes the formation of a research area in the northern Bering Sea, which would help to locate the exact areas to be protected from bottom trawling. A plan will be developed and reviewed by the council to be implemented within two years of final action. During this time, the area will be closed. Then, the writer goes on to talk about the importance of the Bering Sea, which is an important home for many animals and a spot to pass by the gray whales and endangered bowhead and humpback whales through their annual migration.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Asop's Fables

"Asop's Fables" This site has a lot of Falk tale. Each one talks about wisdom in a funny way. Also the story's page has some picture to help the reader to under stand a story. Also there are modern stories and old stories. They have humans and animals in the story.

In my opinion these stories are bitter than other Falk tales because this stories the kids to get good nature and behave in there lives. But the other kinds of stories don’t help the reader. Also it may change their thinking

Friday, August 04, 2006

Jesse James

This article "Jesse James" is talking about a criminal from history. He was born in Missouri on 1847. When he was young, he had fought in a war. And then he became criminal after a war. He committed a lot of crime. After that, made his gang in 1870. He tried to stop did crime but he return to crime in 1879.Also, Missouri's governor put $10,000 to catch him

This story is interesting because I watched movie about this story when I was young. And he was intelligent but in bad way. Also the good advantage in this story is the last of any criminal it will be in a jail.