Friday, July 20, 2007

Population in India

Summary Response. #1

According to the author in "Reduce social and economic strife through population control; By TIOL Edit Team" Shella Dikshit, the Delhi Chief Minister, says that people migrating from other states to Delhi consume the city resources. The author adds that if the government still divides the lands and the resources to the high level of Indians, this will cause a lot of problems, such as civil war. In fact, the decision makers have not gotten involved with these problems. However, if they search about these problems and what causes them, they will find all these problems are caused by population explosion. In fact, the population in India is increasing, and India will have the biggest number of population in the world. The author adds, if the government wants to solve these problems, they should control the population, because every infant they will take their resources. In addition, there is Prime Minister-headed National Commission on Population, which should be care about the population in India. However, they have not met for tow years and their website is not useful, because it has not been up dated more than two years ago. In conclusion, the author advises the government if they want to improve their economy they can use the population to improve it.

The government should use the population to improve the economy, the army and the sports games

First, the population could be good for the country's economy or bad. It is good for the economy when the government can use it to improve their industries and markets. In fact, if the country wants to be an industrial country, it has to have a big number of populations. This is because; the industries need to have a lot of laborers who don't cost much. In fact, it is easy to find those laborers in the countries that have a big population, because these countries have lack of vacancies. Then, the people will accept to work as libbers with low wages. For example, U.S.A has the best market in the word. In fact, they reach this position by make their country industrial country, and they have took advantage of their high population to make the U.S.A is industrial country. Finally, the countries, which have high population, have big chance to be successful industrial country.

Second, the army is one of the most important sectors in any country because the security in the country depends on power of the army. In addition, the army gets the power from number of solders, and number of weapon that the army has. In fact, the number or of the solders depends on the population. And the most powerful countries in the world have high population. For example, USA, China and Russia are from the most powerful countries in the world. Also they have very high population.

Finally, the population is very important reason to help the country to have powerful army can save its security.
Third, there are many kinds of sports in the world. And every country wants to be perfect in some of them. In fact, it is not easy to find athletics that can be professional in every kind of sports. However, the countries that have high population they are the leaders in many kind of sports game. For example, USA and China are the most country that wined in the Olympics games that mean they have professionals almost in every game. Now, sport is big issue in the world.

In conclusion, the population could be helping the government improve their economy system, save their security and make good teams in every kind of sports. Finally the population is one of the important reason to make the country is successful.

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